Essay on women empowerment in English

Women Empowerment : Do you know what women empowerment is, then let’s understand it in easy language, its real purpose is to empower women so that they can walk with us, there should be no discrimination in our society as much as we do Of men. The real objective of every woman is to walk shoulder to shoulder with men and raise their head, the real goal of women empowerment is so that women can get the right that they deserve.

India is also going to be the third economy country in the world soon. So there is a lot of change that needs to be done in India, some things will have to be promoted, one of which is women empowerment. India will also have to pay a lot of attention to the skeptical aspect. Women need to be taken ahead of themselves in their fields, says Kofi Anan, “There is no more effective development tool than empowerment of women.”

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Population of women in India

If 48 percent of women are seen, 930 women for 1000 men, which is less in number. Among the states of India, Kerala has the highest sex ratio, while Haryana has the lowest. However, reports said that Haryana has seen improvement this year. And among the union territories, Puducherry has the highest sex ratio while Daman Diu is the lowest.

Problems related to women in India

The situation of women was not good in India, it has been much better than before, but if we still look in the areas of the village, then women are not given as much relaxation as men. Some people have very wrong thinking towards women in India. Some people believe that Hion’s women are less skilled and have a second gender, because of this, they do not understand the identity of their husbands who were men. They were soon married and were not taught much. Murder of female feticide, force marriage, did not let her step outside the house and she used to stay in four divis. This list was never ending.

Why and why women empowerment is important?

Women’s empowerment is a very urgent controversy that needs to be taken into consideration. There is a great need for the government or our generation to consider it. Somebody will have to make his voice cry at first, only then someone will go with him. The main objective of women’s empowerment is to make women self-reliant socially and economically should get the same honor

The difference in salary is also an essential issue, women in India earn only 62% and their husbands are doing the same work, if there is a need, to bring revolution to someone else.

Government of India Cooperation Women Empowerment Act

The Government of India has contributed a lot in this matter and has made many schemes like Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao and Chalan, One-Stop Center, Mahila Helpline, Nari Shakti Purusha, Mahila-e-Haat, etc. which have greatly affected . If seen, there has been a lot of change in 2014-2020, there was a lot of contribution from the Government of India. The Indian government has removed major issues like triple talaq of Islamic women. So that women cannot be tortured.

Biggest barriers for women

If seen, the empowerment of women came in a lot of obstacles for women like child marriage, Sarik Shosan in the field, gender discrimination, illiteracy etc.

1) social criteria

Due to old and orthodox ideologies, many areas of India are prohibited from leaving their homes. In such areas, women do not have the freedom to go out of the house for education or employment. Living in such an environment, women find themselves inferior to men and fail to change their current social and economic condition.

2) Physical abuse in the workplace

Exploitation in the workplace is also a major obstacle in women’s empowerment. Private sectors such as service industries, software industries, educational institutions and hospitals are the most affected by this problem. This creates more problems for women due to the dominance of male prominence in society. In the recent past, there has been a rapid increase in harassment of women in the field of work and there has been an increase of about 170 percent in the last few decades.

3) Langig discrimination

In India, women are still discriminated against at workplace level. In many areas, women are not even allowed to go out for education and employment. At the same time, they do not have the freedom to work freely or to take family related distractions and are always considered inferior to men in every task. This type of discrimination worsens the social and economic condition of women and at the same time it also badly affects the goal of women empowerment.

4) Inequality in Payments

Women in India are paid less than their male counterparts, and the problem is even worse in unorganized sectors, especially in places with daily wages. Despite doing the same amount of work for the same amount of time, women are paid significantly less than men, and such work shows the power disparity between women and men. Women working in the organized sector are paid less than men, despite having the same experience and qualifications as their male counterparts.

5) illiteracy

Problems such as illiteracy among women and skipping studies in between are also major hurdles in women’s empowerment. Although in urban areas, girls are equal to boys in terms of education, but in rural areas they are far behind in this case. The female education rate in India is 64.6 percent while the education rate of men is 80.9 percent. Many rural girls who go to school also miss their studies and they are not able to pass even the tenth standard.

6) Child Marriage

Although in the last few decades, effective decisions taken by the government have reduced the prevalence of child marriage in India to a great extent, but in 2018 a UNICEF report shows that India still has about 1.5 million girls every year. Marriage is done before the age of 18, due to early marriage, the development of women stops and she is not able to become physically and mentally mature.

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