Facebook Top Hidden Features You Should Know

Facebook Top Hidden Feature: We all use Facebook, and we all get annoyed with the various new “features” that Facebook often imposes on us. But what about those awesome features that don’t get as much attention? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Facebook features to help you take advantage of everything Facebook has to offer. So let’s get to know Facebook Top Hidden Feature

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How to enable followers in Facebook?

You all must have seen that some people have the option of follower in Facebook, as you can see in the image given below that here you can see that many people have followed this profile, in this way you can also your profile. You can make people follow you

  • First of all open Facebook Profile,
  • after that you will have to go to Privacy Settings,
  • after that you will get an option Who Can Send You Friend Request
  • After opening this option,
  • you have to click on Friends of Friends,
  • now you have to come back again and go to Settings Where you will get the option of Public Post,
  • after that do your settings as shown in the image below, now go to your profile, now your Followers option will come.

How to know whom you have liked on Facebook?

If your Facebook account is run by someone other than you, then you want to know which people have been liked from your profile or whose photos have been liked, so let’s know about this hidden feature.

  • First of all login to the Facebook app,
  • after that you have to go to the search bar,
  • now you have to search Photo Like By and its name,
  • about which you want to know,
  • if you want that your brother has written which of your photos.
  • So you will have to write his name, for example, Photo Like By Nitish, then you will see all the photos Nitish has written to you.

How to make your own Avatar in Facebook App?

If you want to make your own avatar in Facebook, then you will have to do some steps for this, but if you do not know what an avatar is, then we tell you that avatar is a cartoon character like you who will look exactly like you. So let’s know how to make a hidden feature avatar after all.

  • First of all open the Facebook application, go to the menu button
  • You will get the option of See More, open it
  • By clicking on it, many more options will be available,
  • out of which you have to click in the avatar.
  • If you are not getting the option of avatar,
  • then you can update your Facebook app,
  • now you can create your avatar by designing your own.

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How To Add Music To Your Facebook Profile?

You must have seen in the profiles of many of your people or your friends that music has been added as soon as you click on it, and it must have come to your mind that how to apply it, then we will tell you that after all. How can you add music to your profile, let’s know how to add facebook hidden feature music

  • For this, you should come to the section with your Facebook Profile.
  • Where you post, you will have to click on Music.
  • now choose your favorite song
  • After selecting you will see 3 dots next to the music, click on it
  • Now pin it and profile it, now that song will appear in your profile.

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