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Flipkart Quiz Answer

Flipkart Quiz Answer: Hello friends, you are welcome again with another new post from Techaadhar, today we are going to spoil you in this post. About Flipkart Quiz, we have already given you the Daily Answers of Amazon Daily Quiz and in this post you will get the sare Quiz of Flipkart. You will get the answers of which you will get Supercoin and with the help of that you can also take Ott Subscription or Gift Card.

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As Amazon Quiz has become very popular, similarly Flipkart has also brought out many quizzes. You will find the names of all the quizzes below.

This Contests Are :
Flipkart Fake or Not – 4th Season
Flipkart Kya Bolti Public – 3rd Season
Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai – Season 1
Flipkart Prize Wali Pathshala – Season 1
Flipkart Ladies vs Gentlemen – Season 1
Flipkart Daily trivia
Flipkart Dating Aaj Kal – Season 1
Flipkart FYI For Your Information – Season 1
Flipkart Kaun? Who Did it? – Season 1

Khel Paheliyon Ka Quiz Answers Today 17th June 2021

  1. what is this


  1. what is this?


  1. what is this?


Fake Or Not Fake Quiz Answers Today 17th June 2021

Question 1– the first woman to win a dadasaheb phalke award was nargis?

Answer – fake

Question 2– traditionally masoor dal is used in the preparation of dal makhni


Answer – fake

Question 3– rohit sharma was the only cricketer who won rajiv gandhi award in 2020

Answer – not fake

Daily Trivia Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 17th June 2021

1) Which of these creatures kills its prey by a method called ‘constriction’?

Ans : Rock Python

2) In which religion would you find a ritual and family celebration named Bar Mitzvah?

Ans : Judaism

3) Which team won the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019 final recently?

Ans : Karnataka

4) On which author’s work is the Hollywood movie ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’

Ans : Jules Verne

5) What is used to forward data packets to the appropriate parts of a computer network?

Ans : Router

Daam Sahi Hai Flipkart Quiz Answers Today For 17th June 2021

Question 1– what is the correct mrp of laffilipt skipping rope is less or greater than 1000?

Answer – less than 1000

Question 2– slide to guess of barewether enginerred wood kitchen cabinet?

Answer – 19499

Question 3– what is the combined mrp of beaute secrets mmancure kit and vlcc pedicure kit?

Answer – 1499

Prize wali Pathsahala Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 17th June 2021

Question 1– which of these apps has a feature called spaces?

Answer – twitter

Question 2– in the movie mr .india which of these objects makes the wearer invisible?

Answer – wrist watch

Question 3– identify this surname A_VAN_?

Answer – advani

Khel Paheliyon Ka Quiz Answers Today 16th June 2021

Who am I


Name the film


Who am I


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Fake Or Not Fake Quiz Answers Today 16th June 2021

Question 1– no indian has ever won the nobel peace prize

Answer – fake

Question 2– the sundarban rhinoceros will be reintroducred in india in nov 21

Answer – fake

Question 3– mangalayam was launched the same year that sachin tendulkar retired from international cricket?

Answer – not fake

Daily Trivia Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 16th June 2021

1) In which country did chess first appear in the 6th century CE?

Ans : India

2) For which ISL team do Jackichand Singh, Mandar Rao Desai and Brandon Fernandes play?

Ans : FC Goa

3) Who was named The Best FIFA Men’s Player 2019?

Ans : Lionel Messi

4) Who became the first ever cricketer to play 150 Ranji matches??

Ans : Wasim Jaffer

5) Who recently recorded most number of Test matches as an umpire?

Ans : Aleem Dar

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Daam Sahi Hai Flipkart Quiz Answers Today For 16th June 2021

Question 1– what product am i ?

Answer – lavidi kids rocking chair

Question 2– is the hp 80 xl tric color multicoloured ?

Answer – yes

Question 3– The MRP of auto snap car android compatible for all cas stero is 20099

Answer – false

Prize wali Pathsahala Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 16th June 2021

Question 1– where is india tallest mountain located?

Answer – sikkim

Question 2– which of these business groups was started first

Answer – wadia

Question 3– which of these fathers son duos are also caqlled jai kishan jain hemant?

Answer – option 4

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