How To Make A Free Blog And Earn Money

How to make a free blog, if you would like to earn money from the web , then there are some ways and if you’re active on the web , then you want to have earned tons by now, if you would like to earn money by making a blog, then you’ll roll in the hay very comfortably. you’ll earn lakhs of rupees reception through a blog or website. Internet may be a big weapon for you, you’ll use it well to pursue you, just you would like to figure patiently and perseverance.

If you would like to submit information about anything, then you only need to search on Google and you’ll get your result albeit you’re searching here, if you search here, you’ll get its solutions. Google or Internet may be a treasure trove of data where you’ll take anything

Have you ever thought that what you look for on Google finally comes from where does Google write for you alternatively . Google doesn’t do anything for you. Those are the results of the blog or website which Google shows you which of them is that the better result for you. Google shows the results of the blog and website consistent with your search.

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What is blog

The concept of a blog is totally different from the web site , the blog is an information medium during which you’ll insert any information. for instance , suppose you’ve got a corporation and you create an identical one, then to market an equivalent , you create a blog of your own which helps you to market an equivalent by bringing traffic.

You put all the knowledge almost like yours thereon blog in order that people will know what the merchandise is like. Blog or say that blogging is so popular that tons of individuals work thereon and earn tons of cash if you search anything on Google, then the results you see are almost blog
How to make a blog in Hindi 2021

If you would like to form a blog, then here you’ll get 2 ways during which you’ll create a free blog otherwise you can make a blog with a touch investment, if you would like to form a free blog, then read the post below. . Talk that if you create a blog, then there are 2 platforms where you’ll create a blog, the primary is Blogger and therefore the second is WordPress. you’ll create a blog for free of charge on Blogger, you’ll also create it for free of charge on WordPress and you’ll get your own domain and hosting for WordPress. But this is often not the case in Blogger, you’ll get both domain and hosting for free of charge .

How to create a blog on Blogger

First of all, know what a blogger is, then blogger may be a product of Google, there’s no got to create an account in it, just you’ve got to login together with your Google account, the remainder of the steps read below

  • First of all, open on your computer or phone.
  • After that you login together with your Google account ie gmail.
  • Then you’ll get the choice to make a replacement Blog, if your account is already created and you’ve got a blog, then you’ll need to click within the New Blog option, click here
  • Then on subsequent page you’ve got to offer the title of your blog, then you’ve got to click on subsequent button.
  • After that you’ll need to enter a singular address of your blog, if the address of your blog isn’t different,
  • then it’ll tell you sorry. This Blog Address isn’t Available Then you’ll need to enter a separate address, then click within the Next button.
  • When you click on your save, all work is finished, a bit like an easy page will open, where you’ll get the button of latest Post.

Your blog is now ready, now you’ll put some information thereon , which was the address of your blog, it’s the address of your website. Suppose our address is, during this Google gives you by applying your Subdomain like

How to create a blog on WordPress

Creating a blog on WordPress is as easy as a blogger, so let’s make a blog on WordPress

  • Open on your computer or phone.
  • Here you’ll get 2 options, first for websie and second there’s not much difference between the 2 , but you’ll get the themes consistent with yourself. My account has already been created, so some more options will come here where you’ll get the choice of Add New Site.
  • Click on Add New Site
  • In the next step you’ll be asked to enter the name of your blog where you’ll give any name of the blog.
  • Then you’ll tend your domain consistent with the name of your blog as you’ll see or if you’ve got a website , you’ll roll in the hay
  • In the next page you’ll get the choice to settle on the theme, how does one want to stay your blog, then choose a topic of your choice.
  • Then you’ve got to continue and skip to subsequent page.
  • Then your WordPress blog will open for a short time and you’ll add some information,

if you see it, then there’s a touch advance from WordPress blogger. we’ll comprise blogger Vs WordPress during a new post.
You can not change it consistent with your mind sort of a blogger, for this you’ve got to shop for self-hosting, then you’ll make your own website and run it.

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