PUBG Creator Krafton Announced 2 New Games by 2022

Last few years have seen extensive growth in the popular “Battle-Royale” genre and no games have been more well known than PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is probably known to everybody by now. 100 players enter a plane, landing on an island with the help of a parachute. Empty handed at first with the ordeal to get guns, grenades and objects with the sole purpose of survival and killing the opponents. And, that is where the fight begins. This is interesting for people when you think about how one would act in a comparable circumstances. Eat or be eaten.

PUBG getting a Part 2?

PUBG and PUBG Mobile are getting a major sequel presumably called PUBG 2. Changhan Kim, CEO of Krafton a South Korean firm happens to own PUBG Corp, Which is the brain behind this.

In an interview with Bloomberg,  Changhan Kim confirms that they aims to make two new games by the year 2022.

Now it’s safe to say that the game is soon expand it’s battle royale universe with these two new games. Source suggest that the first game will be released for mobiles and based on battle royale and the second game will be a horror. Other details also reveal that  PUBG-based horror game, called “The Callisto Protocol” is expected to release next year. This game will have similar world like PUBG and will be developed by Striking Distance Studios.


Though not officially confirmed, the new version will likely support cross-platform capability across PCs, gaming consoles, and mobile. Meanwhile, PUBG Corporatio is making efforts to relaunch the mobile game to India months after a ban was imposed.

The Indian government had banned the game under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act claiming that the Mobile app was engaged in activities that are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of the country.

In related news, Krafton is also planning to go public and file for an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in mid-2021. Krafton CEO has also suggested that an animated show is in the works, which will be based on the game. The show will be meant for streaming services.

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