How to Reduce PDF File Size | Compress pdf file Online

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When it involves uploading a computer document to the online or sending it to someone via mail, we all know that PDF (portable document format) is that the best and ideal option in many ways. It is compatible with many operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, and hence it are often called Universal compatible. apart from this, This is also good from a security point of view because if the user wishes, they can also enter the password in their sensitive document.

Compress Pdf Online

There are many websites on the web that you simply can compress a PDF file using online. If you search on the web, you will find many websites which provide this facility for free, but many websites give complete software on payment. Come, a PDF file whose size is 485 MB. Let’s narrow down its size:

  • First of All open the website
  • Then click on the Compress PDF option on the Webpage
  • After That the file which will open in the webpage will have to upload the file whose size is to be reduced.
  • It will take some time for the file to be large. After the file is uploaded, the compressed PDF will be reduced in size.
  • Now you can download that file. For example, a file that was 485 MB in size was uploaded, it’s now 1.3 MB.

Size vs. Quality

The main reason people compress PDF files (or any files for that matter) is to scale back the dimensions and make it easier to send them via email or other online channels. However, you furthermore may need to concentrate to quality – not every small PDF file will keep its structure and elements, so it’s best to use a tool that won’t favor size over quality.

Using compression software – you’ll also use compression software like WinZip, WinRAR or 7Zip to make a lighter version of a PDF file. You must first install these software in your computer which are available for free on the Internet, then you can right-click on that file and create a compressed file. These software-ready files are suitable for sharing over mail, but the above method is more suitable for uploading to the web site . Apart from all this, there’s also Adobe Acrobat software are often used.

This way you recognize how easy it’s to scale back PDF size online. It can reduce the dimensions of huge PDF files even without anyone having to put in special software.

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