Rockstar Revealed A New Female Character and It’s New NPC AI for GTA 6

Believe it or not  but it’s been 7 years since GTA V launched. Now that 2021 is here and the new console generation as well with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, we’re hoping some kind of announcement is coming. Most reports suggest that GTA 6 is under development. Rockstar Games hasn’t officially confirmed when we will be seeing it’s another installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

GTA 6 is highly-anticipated next entry in the Grand Theft Auto Series. Today we are gonna talk about some questions, rumors and news related to GTA 6.

Female Main Character


GTA has change the face of gaming for many reasons but will it go one step further and introduce a Female lead character?

GTA 5 was a first time that we were able to play three characters Franklin, Trevor and Michael. Rumors started to circulate last year that a female character was on the way. Suggestion show that the female lead will play the role of a gangsta.

Sources suggested that the next game will feature just two character – a Male and Female. While no further details about this is available, many are hoping this is true.

Perhaps we could have a Romeo and Juliet type story  – two characters from opposing gangs, who are discouraged from seeing each other, eventually fall in love and work to conquer the city together and stop the gang wars.

Improved and Smarter NPC’s

A new patent filed by Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two could point to improving the intelligence and navigation capabilities of AI.

The patent attempts to Trademark a “System and method for virtual navigation in gaming environment ” and was filed in OCT 2020.

The main focus of the new AI is NPCs can move around and react to environment. The patent highlighted that older systems only have “Limited Resources” when it comes to NPCs.

This new tech that Rockstar has introduced would make it possible to create “a realistic virtual world that is not limited by hardware or software limitation.”

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One thing to be noted that the patent was filed by Take-Two and therefore isn’t necessarily about GTA 6 – it could be about any of the publisher’s games.

However, one promising sign that it relates to the GTA franchise is that the system’s inventors are David Hynd and Simon Parr who work at Rockstar in the roles of associate director of technology and lead AI programmer.

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