when is my birthday? How to know your own birthday

Hello friends! Welcome to your Techadhar blog. And today we will know in this article about questions like Mera Janmdin Kab Hai (when is my birthday). By the way, many people want to know that how to find the date of birth of anyone?

But do you know that the Internet is full of such questions. And Google has hired us only to answer such questions. So that we can answer your questions.

when is my birthday?

You guys do too! Means just think about one thing that you have been born. And neither we were there at the time of your birth, nor was Google in your home or hospital at the time of your birth. So how can you ask Google when is my birthday?
I think since you have got Jio’s internet, since then till now you are just like this when is my birthday? Like searching the questions. But I want to tell you that if you want to know your date of birth. So you ask your parents. There is no one better than him.

If you also have a question that how to know your own birthday? So I want to tell you that forgetting your birthday seems a bit embarrassing. Because if you do not know your birthday or date of birth after going to some important place or filling many forms. So it seems to be quite strange.

Now if you want to know someone’s birthday, not yours. So in today’s time there are many ways with the help of which you can easily find out the birthday of anyone. I have told some ways below. You can also see someone’s birthday by following live.

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